potatoes being sprayed


We specialize in growing red, white, and yellow potatoes. Our growing techniques are a blend of traditional farming methods and modern technology.


What separates us from other potato growers is our process.


The South Florida sun combined with soft, sandy soils gives us a unique opportunity to grow a crop that has a creamy, smooth texture with subtle, light flavors that arrives fresh to families around North America. Our Florida climate allows for potato harvesting in the winter and early spring months, when typically, only old crop storage potatoes are available.


We begin in the spring – planting in Pennsylvania where we grow our seed. In September, we harvest the seed crop and carefully transport it down to Florida where it is sorted, selecting only the highest quality seed to use. Then, we begin our Florida planting in October and finish in January.

kids in field

Each acre has been carefully selected ensuring the potatoes harvested are the finest available. From the moment planted until shipping, our potatoes are cared for daily. Attentive monitoring and sustainable methods are used to produce a crop that is distinctly unique from others.