Began in 1940’s

It began in 1940’s when two brothers, Vernon and Clayton Troyer, traveled from Nebraska after the rough years of Dust Bowl to Ohio. A few years later they eventually settled in Pennsylvania in search of better life and more opportunities. Agriculture was their passion and that knowledge, experience and dedication ran in their family through the generations, leading Troyer Brothers to the company it is today.

In 1943

Thus, in 1943 Troyer Brothers was officially founded in Northwest Pennsylvania and the two brothers focused on growing potatoes.

In the 1970s’ and 80s

As their operation grew, so did their families. Three of Vernon’s sons, Don, Vern and David learned about farming from the time they were very young and the family business transitioned in the 1970s’ and 80s to the new generation.

Like their predecessors, they too, looked for new opportunities. They decided to take a risk and began growing potatoes in South Florida, the only place in continental United States where the climate remained warm enough for a crop to thrive during winter months providing consumers with fresh, newly harvested potatoes during winter and early spring months. This innovative idea grew Troyer Brothers into a year round operation. Over the years Troyer Brothers has been slowly perfecting the techniques required to produce the highest quality, best tasting potatoes on the market.

In 2016

In 2016, the third generation of younger Troyers, Aaron and Andrew, stepped in with new modern ideas combined with knowledge acquired from years of growing up in the family business. Pioneered generations ago, the Troyer family has continued to make growing potatoes their passion for over 75 years in Business.